About Our Family

Homeschooling Entrepreneurs

Growing up, my family had a small business.  After more than 40 years, my father is finally “considering” retirement this year.  We were a family of entrepreneurs growing up, and if we wanted to have “spending money,” we had to earn it.  While my two older siblings and I attended public school, my younger sister was homeschooled through middle and high school, and we were all taught to be life-long learners and achievers.  All four of us had struggles we overcame through school, and we have successful careers varying from teaching to bookkeeping and to recruiting.  

Being an entrepreneur has been a dream of mine for many years, and I finally have the opportunity to realize that dream, with my family alongside of me.  We are a family of homeschoolers who have a desire to serve the homeschool community at large.  We want to help make your life, your homeschool journey, better in whatever way we can.  We want to help your child reach his/her full potential, just as we want for our own children, and my parents wanted for us.

We strive to offer affordable services to meet each family’s needs, whether that need is tutoring, consulting, testing, or more.  Please let us know how we can best help, and any questions you may have




Amy Vickrey, MSE, MED

Owner, Educational diagnostician

Amy Vickrey is a mother of an nine-year-old and a five-year-old, both very active boys.

Amy states, “I come from the world of public school, having been a teacher since 2003; however, I have always been a big supporter of homeschooling. While my focus has been early childhood and special education in elementary school, I have worked with children from 3-years-old, both special needs and ‘typically developing’, through high school.”

 Amy currently has a Masters of Science in Special Education from the University of North Texas, and will be certified as an Educational Diagnostician.  She also has a Masters of Science in Education (MSE), Curriculum, and Instruction, from the University of Central Missouri and a Bachelors of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies from Texas State University. Also, she spent 2 years of college studying Interpretation for the Deaf and Deaf Studies and knows American Sign Language. Her teaching certifications include Special Education, English as a Second Language and Generalist (early childhood through fourth).

According to Amy, “My journey towards homeschooling began in the 1990s when my little sister was homeschooled because she was slipping through the cracks. She made all As but had learning difficulties. My mom homeschooled her and today she has a bachelors from a major university and is a recruiter for a good company. Without homeschooling that would not be possible. It made me want to be able to give the same love and focus on my own kids that I wanted to give to my kids in the classroom… I have enjoyed our homeschooling journey so far and look forward to continuing it and learning how to meet the needs of my two awesome boys who have so much to offer this world!”

Amy has been teaching almost 20 years, and is currently beginning her fourth year teaching online.  Amy has volunteered with the nonprofit SPED Homeschool for the last 5 years, and actively works in the homeschool community to help parents at all stages of their homeschooling journey.  She desires to help homeschool families receive the tools to help their children reach their full potential!  Whether you are new to homeschool or a veteran homeschooler, the insight and help provided by Amy will benefit you and your child.




Carol Coker, MA, LSSP, NCSP

Assessment Team Leader

 Carol brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Assessment Team, and has worked with students from 3 through high school.  Her knowledge of how individuals think and learn is invaluable for helping families learn how best to help their child.  Carol has a Masters of Arts in School Psychology from Texas State University- San Marcos, and a Bachelors of Science from Texas Lutheran University in Seguin.  Always a lifelong learner, Carol loves to read and explore new ideas. Carol is a former homeschool mom, and now a homeschool Granny. 





John Coker

Bible Class

John is the father of 4 grown children, and 10 grandchildren.  He has been a leader in the church, and believes firmly in teaching children to be strong in their faith, and to give them the tools to defend their faith.  In the 1990s, John helped to homeschool his youngest daughter, and now helps to homeschool two of his grandsons.  He has been a successful entrepreneur for more than 40 years, growing and learning over the years on his own in order to keep up with current technology.  John also has a passion for learning about the Bible, Jesus, and the cultural and geographical background that was relevant to Jesus’ life and ministry.  Check out his Bible Classes, and all that they will include.





Brian Coker

Math classes and tutoring, music classes and private lessons, computer science, clubs

Brian is the father of three children, 2 girls and a boy from five to fourteen years old.  He has a bachelor’s degree from Texas Lutheran University, and has been a teacher in the public school system, and now homeschools his own children.  Having taught Band, Choir, Strings, and middle school math, Brian brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our team.  

Brian loves gaming, from role playing games to online video games.  He brings this love of gaming to us as well, offering the Role Playing Games Club on Saturday afternoons for Middle and High School students.




Sharon Coker

social studies, private tutoring, clubs

Sharon is the mother of three children, 2 girls and a boy from three to twelve years old.  Her family was close friends with the Coker’s, and after college, married Brian, son of John Coker.

Sharon holds a Bachelor of Science in History Education from Abilene Christian University. She is a Certified Teacher for Core Subjects Grades Pre-K to 6th, and Social Studies Grades 4th to 12th. She  have 6 years of teaching experience working with students from Pre-K to 12th.  Sharon also worked at a middle school library where she was able to aide other teachers with lesson planning.  She is also active in teaching and working with young children at church, and has been instrumental in the homeschooling of two of her nephews, as well as her own children from pre-k into high school.