Saturdays 10-12 am

STEM and Critical Thinking Club

We are excited to offer a STEM and Critical Thinking club to Elementary Students.  We will be exploring a variety of materials and activities, including block building projects, magnetic tiles building projects, board games and simple science experiments.  Our goal is to give students an opportunity to work together towards common goals, have fun, and build friendships.  


Focus Skills

Group Cooperation

Social Skills

Language and Conversation

Visual Reasoning

Mathematical and Spatial Reasoning

Middle and high school

Saturdays 2-5 pm

Role Playing Games (RPG) Club

Middle school and high school students have a wonderful opportunity to participate in this unique club! Students will learn how to put together characters, determine strengths and weaknesses in characters, build stories through playing out different scenarios, and participate in this cooperative game.  

Students will experience and discuss different genres, including science fiction, fantasy, modern and historical.

Focus Skills

Group Cooperation

Story Telling (helps with writing skills)

Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses of Character

Social Skills

Working towards common and individual goals



Contact Us

Please email us at classes.exceptionalheights@gmail.com or complete the form in order to indicate interest in clubs.  


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