Private Tutoring

For the ultimate INDIVIDUALIZED learning plan

math, reading and writing

One on one tutoring through games and fun activities to help your child learn new skills or fill in any that have been missed along the way.  We work to help students strengthen skills in fun, engaging ways to help make learning fun and meaningful.  Tutoring is scheduled with the individual tutor as availability allows.  Tutoring can also be customized to an existing curriculum being used by the student.

High school completion

Needing someone to help your child complete coursework and graduate high school? We can develop an individualized plan to help your child graduate with a homeschool diploma and move on to their post-high school goals.  


Parent Partnership

Need ongoing support as a parent to determine lessons, skills to focus on, new ways to teach a difficult concept, and more?  We offer support for parents to help you meet your homeschooling goals for your unique child and situation.